My name is Marco, I am 15 years old and I am a student on a school in Germany quite similar to a high school. I program for 3 years now and I love making games, as well as I enjoy coding. The fascination of bytes began when I was 12 years old. I bought a book about HTML and CSS published by O´Reilly, but this was not the last. I learned PHP, JS, AS3, tried C and finally got to Java. It was love at first sight, because of the power and performance that it actually offers, while it is easier to learn and sometimes faster to code than C++ (I don´t want to start a battle of programming languages here 😉 ).

I wrote one Browsergame, that has never been finished. The code got terrifically unordered and it seemed to have no structure, so I dropped it. After this I tried to make some games in Java, which were also never released. My first released program or, to be correct, modification was Magic Chest, a Minecraft mod which has been downloaded more than 8000 times till now.

This blog is about Java Game Development generally, as well as a diary for my new project, which is an RPG. I won´t tell you anything about the concept for now, since it is not finished nearly yet. My team is a 4 people team, yet: Me, @Hexicube and two other guys. When we have finished the general concept, we will watch out for new team members (especially graphics related).

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