My first intention was to make an RTS, but my team figured out, that this genre just doesn’t fit to us. So the project actually died in the planning phase. We are about to make another game; it is an RPG this time. The difference between the first and this project is the planning. And because we didn’t plan much for the RTS, I believe, it has died. We will see how far we get, but I’m actually very optimistic. I don’t want to announce “jobs” (not payed) here, but if you are interested in RPGs and can do anything related to sound, graphics, code or game design, you may contact me on Twitter (@marcopennekamp) and I will put you on a list. When we have worked out the concept we will come back to your offer.

Besides this change, which affects the blog directly, I think, I will post an in-depth Component tutorial soon as well as some more infos about the RPG (if my team allows me to do so 😉 ).